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Why choose a care recruitment agency?

You might wonder if you should hire your next care employee through a professional recruitment agency or the same staffing agency.

Using the same staffing agency does not always work for businesses and organisations – especially when you need staff for the healthcare sector.

You can’t just go on social media platforms and start talking to people to find the right professionals with the right skills and experience.

When you need to fill a position quickly, it is tough for a regular recruiter or HR person to find them.

A specialist care recruitment agency, on the other hand, can find candidates quickly. This can help you cut costs and make better plans to ensure your patients continue receiving first-rate care.

To clarify this, we’ve added a few more reasons why working with a care recruitment agency like ours is a good idea.

How can a care recruitment agency help your business

1. More opportunities for the best people

The recruitment agency will have access to the best talent out there. This includes both people who are actively looking for work and people who are already working somewhere else.

Statistics show that if you use a recruitment agency, you’re more likely to find the best job seekers on the market. People actively looking for a new job are more likely to sign up with a recruitment agency because of how well they work. Most agencies will post job openings on various job boards because they know the logistics and marketing value. This valuable information can only be gained by working in the recruitment industry.

It can be hard to find suitable candidates because they are sometimes hard to find. If candidates don’t put themselves as “actively seeking a job,” they are more likely to have a trusted, specialist recruiter apply for jobs on their behalf. This gives them access to a “talent pool” that they might not be able to reach otherwise.

Recruiting firms have a lot of connections, and each consultant can use their connections to connect you with the right people.

2. Saves Time

People know that time is business money, but using a recruitment agency will save time. Because they handle the first steps of the hiring process, recruitment agencies save your business time—no more sifting through applications and CVs. A recruitment agency ensures you that the time you spend looking at applications is well spent on those worth considering.

But that’s not the end of it. A recruitment agency will then set up interviews and give candidates all the information they need to prepare. All you have to do is get ready and show up.

Recruitment agencies take care of all the paperwork, like communicating with successful candidates and those who didn’t get the job. They also check information about candidates, like their qualifications and references.

If a business uses a recruitment agency, it won’t have to spend as much time and money on hiring people themselves. This decision can speed up filling positions and make the business more efficient.

3. Services in addition

Background checks are essential when hiring people, so recruitment agencies do them on candidates. This can take a lot of time because it means following up on references, and conducting interviews. It would help if you also used a recruitment agency to ensure that any candidate you meet has already passed the preliminary tests. This is part of the extra services that the agency offers.

When deciding which recruitment agency to use, it’s crucial to consider the extra services they offer. For example, the best recruitment agencies offer psychometric tests, contract and permanent recruitment, executive search, project support, and managed services.

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Suppose your company has a job opening for which the salary isn’t clear. In that case, a recruitment agency can use salary data and local market knowledge to give you an accurate market rate. Most recruitment agencies use sites like Glassdoor and Indeed to compare salaries and determine how many applicants they can expect.

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4. Expertise: Market Knowledge

Your requirements for a candidate may be specific and hard to find. This is when a recruiter’s industry expertise and market knowledge come in handy. For example, if you want to hire a manager, you may need an expert opinion and knowledge of current recruitment laws. The agency should be aware of all the relevant requirements and laws that apply.

Once you’ve built a relationship with a recruitment agency you can trust, it will be easier to hire people in the future because the agency will know what kind of person will work best for your business. The best recruitment agencies will work with you as partners and help you learn more about the market.

Recruiters are specialists in their fields, so they can give the hiring team regular updates on what’s going on. These recruiters know well how to reach out to the best available talent, salary rate, expectations, and hiring challenges. For example, if it’s hard to find candidates with the same skill level in other related businesses, expert recruiters can suggest other ways to find them.

5. Cost Effective

Recruitment agencies have spots on all the top job boards, so you can be sure that your business’s job ad is in the right place. It can be expensive to use advertising agencies to post one-off jobs.

The cost of going through CVs and having initial conversations adds up, but if a business uses a recruitment agency, not only does that cost go down, but the recruiter can also help negotiate the best salary by giving guidance and advice on what fair pay is. This gives the business a better chance of hiring the best candidate.

Costs saved in the short term:

Taking away the cost of posting job ads

Staff at the office can do their other jobs.

Reduces the cost of possible overtime (temporary hires and overtime periods).

Reduces the chance and cost of hiring someone who isn’t suitable for the job.

Costs saved in the long run:

Lessens the cost of training (some recruitment agencies offer candidates the chance to learn field-specific regulations while searching for a job)

The cost of hiring people in the future will be less because of the relationship with the recruitment agent.

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